Embrace Tomorrow: Top Strategic Technology Trends 2024 Revealed

Check out the latest tech trends that are making waves right now. Gartner has just released the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024, which are all about resilience, change, and value in the age of AI. These trends are not just about being innovative but also about embracing the latest technology and making it work for you.

10 Top Strategic Technology Trends 2024:

  • AI as Partner (AI TRiSM): Ensure trust, reliability, and security in AI models with AI TRiSM, enhancing decision-making and mitigating bias for more precise and consistent outcomes.
  • Be Safe (CTEM): Continuously manage cybersecurity threats by aligning exposure assessment with business projects, addressing patchable and unpatchable vulnerabilities.
  • Protect the Future (Sustainable Technology): Adopt digital solutions to drive environmental, social, and governance outcomes, supporting long-term ecological balance and human rights.
  • Developer-Driven Self-Service (Platform Engineering): Optimise developer experience and accelerate business value delivery by building self-service internal platforms tailored to user needs.
  • Accelerate Creation (AI-Augmented Development): Utilise AI technologies to aid software engineers in code generation, testing, and delivery, improving productivity and enabling faster application development.
  • Tailor Your Tailor’s Work (Industry Cloud Platforms): Address industry-specific business outcomes with tailored cloud solutions, offering agility and adaptability to respond to industry disruptions.
  • Optimize Decision-Making (Intelligent Applications): Augment consumer or business applications with AI and connected data to provide predictive insights, enhance user experience, and enable data-driven decision-making.
  • Power AND Responsibility (Democratized Generative AI): Democratize access to generative AI to automate tasks, reduce costs, and empower employees with new skills and opportunities for growth.
  • Push the Pioneers (Augmented Connected Workforce): Optimise workforce value by leveraging intelligent technology, analytics, and skill augmentation to accelerate talent development and improve work efficiency.
  • Buyers With Byte(s) (Machine Customers): Embrace the rise of nonhuman economic actors that purchase goods and services, exploring opportunities to cater to machine customers and unlock new market potentials.

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Read the full report by Gartner here.