Symbio & SiteGround: Powering Sustainable Progress

At Symbio, sustainability isn’t just a concept – it’s a commitment ingrained in every aspect of our operations. Through our partnership with SiteGround, we’re not just hosting websites but cultivating a greener future together.

Carbon-Offset Reforestation: Growing The SiteGround Forest

By choosing SiteGround for web hosting, we are making a conscious effort to contribute to the reforestation initiative by offsetting carbon emissions. SiteGround is committed to cultivating a thriving forest of over 11,200 trees across the globe, spanning countries from the United States to Madagascar. The recent Earth Day initiative emphasizes the commitment to reducing carbon emissions while inviting our clients to join us in protecting our planet. Together, we are planting the seeds for a greener tomorrow.
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100% Energy Match & Net Zero Strategy: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

We have partnered with SiteGround to jointly commit to environmental stewardship. By utilising the Google Cloud Platform, SiteGround matches 100% of its energy consumption with renewable sources, setting a benchmark for sustainable operations. Google’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions and 24/7 carbon-free energy aligns perfectly with our vision for a cleaner, greener future. Through this partnership, we’re not just hosting websites – we’re powering progress towards a sustainable tomorrow, one click at a time!
#SustainableHosting #NetZero2030

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