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Treating candidates as your best customers and providing your HR managers a powerful tool to engage, inform and transform.

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Online recruiting strategy (social recruitment), Employer brand strategy and development, Content strategy, Digital transformation.

As part of Amphenol’s Sensor Technology Group, Casco is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered data connectivity, power interconnect and sensor products for the global automotive market. With annual sales over $180 Million and more than 1,200 employees worldwide, Casco has a proven track record of providing its automotive customers with world-class innovative technical product solutions.

Casco supports an environment in which employees are encouraged to grow and develop. The company provides training and resources to ensure that each employee is successful.

At Casco, they are designing futures and building careers.

The challenge.

Even when Casco already employs over 1.200 professionals on 5 different continents and as the company is rapidly growing and consequently the need for qualified candidates, it is very challenging for its HR department to find the best candidates, especially in a competitive environment.

More importantly, being found by them.

Symbio partnered with Casco Automotive Group to develop and implement an online recruiting strategy which helps to get Casco’s jobs seen by the best candidates.

The main goal of Casco was to attract great candidates, more consistently, and with significantly less effort, also in terms of the application process from both the candidate’s perspective and the HR Manager’s perspective.

That insight laid the foundation for our challenge: create an attractive and user-friendly online recruitment tool in 5 different languages which secures the right talent no matter where they are in the world.

The strategy.

The key of the recruitment strategy is, making a good argument for why the best candidates should want to work at Casco Automotive Group.

This involves treating its candidates like its best customers and so we made Casco’s candidate experience very similar to a customer experience which engages, informs and transforms.

To understand the market and its applicants’ needs and opportunities, Symbio conducted extensive research in the automotive industry and its recruitment processes in its main activity areas US, Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. This involved carrying out market research on all the company’s key competitors and designing an employer value proposition and attraction strategy. We made research on the behavior and applicant journey and that of the HR Manager in able to develop a strategy that fulfilled the needs of both stakeholders.
That insight laid the foundation for our challenge: create an attractive and user-friendly online recruitment tool in 5 different languages which secures the right talent no matter where they are in the world.

Symbio developed Casco’s employer brand and strengthen it with content marketing. In fact, branding to attract talent is critical to staying competitive.
To do so, we leveraged employee referrals and created a rich testimonial section where people have a chance to learn about Casco’s team and get an idea of what it’d be like to be part of it.

Let’s be mobile or nothing!

At least 45 percent of job seekers are using mobile devices for their search, so with that highly important fact in mind, we developed a mobile-friendly application process and experience.

all channels
in one place.

As ease of use and experience are not the only key for the candidate but also for the HR department, Symbio developed a rich but simple back office with an intuitive HR Manager control panel which allows the managers to manage job postings and application processes in an efficient and effective way. On top, the tool allows them to organize notes, contact information, and other details about all candidates.

The centralization of all information in one location allows Casco’s HR managers to not lose time and have a clear overview of the application process of each candidate.

The results.

Four months after the launch of the digital tools, major metrics were improved:


+% of users

Number of users on the career content of Casco websites: +4468% in 90 days


Monthly users

438 monthly unique users on the career website in the first 90 days


% Mobile users

An increase of 68% of mobile & tablet users in 90 days, from 12 to 20.3%


Global traffic

An increase of x10 of global traffic on web and social pages in 90 days

Google Analytics metrics over 90 days:

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