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Casco Automotive Group

Provided solutions:

Brand design & strategy, Content strategy, and Digital transformation

As part of Amphenol’s Sensor Technology Group, Casco is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered data connectivity, power interconnect and sensor products for the global automotive market. With annual sales over $180 Million and more than 1,200 employees worldwide, Casco has a proven track record of providing its automotive customers with world-class innovative technical product solutions. As an established international company with start-up energy and production facilities on five continents, Casco can offer customers local production and logistic services suited to their needs.

Always in pursuit of new technologies and product opportunities, Casco has continued to expand its product line year after year, positioning the company as a dominant player in the OEM and aftermarket industry. With a large customer base and exciting product portfolio, Casco is well suited for further growth and is prepared to confront the challenges facing the automotive industry today and in the future.

The challenge.

Despite being a leading global manufacturer of in-vehicle electronics for the global automotive market, Casco struggled to stand out on the web from its competitors. Even though their world-class technological product solutions and opportunities are unmatched, an online transformation was needed to emerge as an industry leader.

Technology, customer expectations, and industry advances all affect how well Casco’s website is performing and it was, therefore, time for a redesign and development in order to function to the highest capability.

For that matter, Symbio delivered a rebrand and web strategy with a focus to increase brand awareness and (online) engagement. In order to create coherence between offline and online, we also improved Casco’s corporate identity.

The strategy.


In able to keep up with the modern time, Casco’s logo had to speak more to today’s and tomorrow’s customers and also to its employees. Therefor Symbio refreshed the logo and corporate kit which include material such as business cards and internal communication such as presentations.


Symbio developed an online strategy with the primary goal to create an efficient and effective website that produces value for Casco Automotive Group, its employees, and its mission.
To create a web strategy that works for years to come, Symbio prioritized its audience and emphasized Casco’s core strengths.

The main goal of Casco is the way their audience relates to their business.
Before Symbio starts any digital marketing strategy we first need to understand the industry that our client is in. We conducted extensive research in the automotive industry to understand the market needs and opportunities by reviewing, for example, its competitor sites, site content, keywords and social offerings.

Symbio optimized the web content to include relevant keywords and produced creative copy interest visitors, encouraging more browsing through the website.

Engage, be social!
LinkedIn, the network for professionals is the number 1 social network for B2B Marketing. With this in mind and to maximize Casco’s B2B impact, Symbio improved its LinkedIn business page and united all local accounts, leveraging their global presence and creating a solid brand identity and lead generation.

In order to create more traffic, is connected to the company page on LinkedIn.

The results.

A quarter after the launch of the new digital tools, major metrics were improved:


+% of users

+300% users in 90 days


Page views

+10.000 page views first 90 days


Active users p/month

+1078 active users in 30 days



+1800 users in 60 days


+% Organic search

+8% organic search on Google


+% Direct access

+74% www access in 60 days


+% Desktop users

+172% access from desktops


+% Mobile duration

+9% session duration mobile

Google Analytics metrics over 90 days:


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